Pim Koopman dies of heartattack.


Monday 23 november our friend, vocal coach, co-producer and former drummer Pim Koopman died of a heartattack while at home.

Pim suffered a heartattack in 2006 but had recovered well since then and was in good spirits. He was busy with Kayak, happy with Marrigje and the children. We had just begun working on the vocals for a new album. He combined a great sense of humor with impeccable musical taste and skills and was always a joy to work with.


He plays on a  number of tracks on the After the Break album that was released in 2005 and on its successor, Heading for the promise Land, released in 2008. No doubt he will play endless sessions up there with all the late greats. Pim liked to play and hit them hard!


We will miss him terribly. 

Pim playing with the Leo Koster Band in Aalsmeer '09.