Memoral Day 4th of may 2021 saw the release of a new song and a new video. The song is called Collateral Damage and tells about ther bombing by British bombers of the shipyard in Den Helder on february 1943. The country was occupied by Gernany and the shipyard was used by the Germans to service their navy vessels. The people working at the shipyard were forced to work for the Germans. British bombers attacked the shipyard repeatedly and normally the air alarm sounded and the laborers were able to seek shelter but on febrauary 19 1943 the alarm remained silent. The bombing took the lives of 58 workers, among them my granddad.

In the video original pictures and video were used to give a chilling account of that day.

On may 4 2021 a group of relatives gathered in Den Helder, watched the video and later on laid flowers in honor of granddad Leendert Koster

The video can be seen on Youtube, the track can be downloaded from Itunes, Amazon, etc etc.