New clips on youtube!


Two new clips were posted on Youtube, recorded live at Stairway to Heaven in Utrecht on february 13 2008. The songs are Freedom Reign from the first album Gigs, Licks and Chicks from 1980 (since long out of print) and Going Cowboy, a song from the new album Heading For The Promise Land that will appear in april this year.


Both songs are original tunes. Freedom Reign is a nice example of the band playing folkrock complete with 12 string Rickenbacker, Going Cowboy is rockier and is more in the texmex style of good old Doug Sahm. Hope you enjoy watching them as much as we did playing them. For those who can't wait, here is Freedom Reign:


Oh and by the way, wonder where the organ sounds come from? Kees Maat has a computer built into his Hohner Student accordion that connects with wireless transmitters to midi-modules producing whatever sound he wants them to play. Kees is one smart fellow. Stay cool, Leo