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Leo Koster sings Gene Clark – full album Last year a mini-album featuring 6 songs written by Gene…
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New Album: Leo Koster Sings Gene Clark

Continental Records will release the new album "Leo Koster sings Gene Clark - full album" in the coming weeks..

In 2017 a mini-album featuring 6 songs written by Gene Clark and performed by Leo and a small band  was released to very positive reactions. Some reviewers and Gene Clark-fans said the recordings were great and it was too bad there were only six of them.
So the band decided to cut six more tracks to make up a full album.
Like the songs that were already recorded these new songs are not so much covers as well as personal interpretations, showing how great they are when performed not to fit in an album context or time-frame but just as songs. Echoes is performed with just acoustic guitar, dobro, upright bass and subtle drums instead of the full orchestra on the original version, Set you free this time gets a real rock-treatment as does So you say you lost your baby, Only Colombe is recorded the way The Byrds might have done it had Gene still been in the band. On For a Spanish guitar fiddle-legend Byron Berline plays a stunning solo-part and Fair and Tender ladies displays the talents of steelguitar-maestro André Sommer.
American Dreamer, a very basic recording Gene made for the movie of the same name, gets a full band treatment and She don't care about time is finally performed as a the subtle lovesong it is.

Leo Koster plays guitars and sings, Bart-Jan Baarmans plays guitars, dobro and mandolin, Kees Maat plays accordion and keyboards and Sjoerd van Bommel plays the drums on this set that was produced by Leo and BJ.

You can order the album from our webshop, from many shops in Europe and from as cd as well as download.




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