just after the gig in Den Bosch on november 1 my right indexfinger suddenly hang down paralyzed. The syndrome is called a malletfinger and it takes about three months to recover from that.

It is impossible to play guitar for that periode and it takes time for the finger to regain strength and flexibility. Means we can do no shows till al least march 2012 unfortunately.

It also means significant delay in recording the new album. Which is too bad because it really will be our best album so far with contrubutions form our friends in Nashville like Lloyd Green and Charlie McCoy as well as our own very talented players like Hans Molenaar, Harm van Sleen and of course Kees Maat.

The new album will feature only original tunes. And yes, the trusted 12 string Rickenbacker will be featured on a number of tracks.

As soon as a release date is set of new shows are planned you can find info on that on the website.

Cheers, Leo